Host families are hand-picked to provide a safe, comfortable and stimulating home environment so students will feel welcome and cared for and can truly integrate in local life and culture.


Each host family is vetted personally by us to ensure they provide a safe and comfortable environment for our students.


Students’ families have direct contact at all times with our team in Spain.


Our team in Spain is available round the clock to help students settle into their new environment.

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feel inspired, learn something, discover something or just make youself the one “in the know”, while being in spain and learning spanish - in a fully immersive way


In addition to world-famous museums, outstanding Basque gastronomy and vibrant cities, the Atlantic coast is also home to a proud cultural heritage that is always keen to welcome and involve visitors.


Our programmes aim to give students the chance to use their Spanish and mix with local teenagers, while offering a range of activities that take advantage of the stunning natural environment around Castro.


Students have the option of a range of sports and activities including surfing, sailing, horse-riding and team sports with local teenagers.