About Us

Atlantic Spain was set up to offer Irish secondary school students the opportunity to rapidly develop their level of Spanish in a fascinating part of Northern Spain, well away from the typical tourist traps further south. We offer Spanish immersion courses, using a dynamic methodology that promotes a communicative approach, not only in the classroom with qualified native Spanish teachers, but also through the activities we organise with local monitors and teenagers.

The families who host our students here have been hand-selected by us, first and foremost, for the enthusiasm they have expressed about playing such an important role in the overall learning experience of the students. 

We look forward to welcoming you here in Cantabria, helping you achieve your language goals and introducing you to the people and culture of this wonderful part of Spain.

Tara Kelly

A native of Sligo town with an Honours Degree in English and Spanish and also a Cambridge English language teaching certificate (CELTA). Tara has over 12 years’ experience teaching English as a foreign language in Spain to students of all age groups. Tara has worked in the UK over five summers organising summer immersion courses for teenagers, which involved intensive classes, afternoon activities and weekend excursions.

Sean McCudden

Sean has lived and worked in Northern Spain for nearly 30 years, and has been organising training and language classes for businesses, schools and other students for over 13 years. He has worked as a technical translator and interpreter for more than two decades and is also a keen yachtsman and amateur ornithologist.

David Newman

Born in France, raised in Sligo and living in Spain for more than 10 years and trilingual as a result. Honours Degree in Modern Languages, a CELTA and other TEFL certificates, with experience teaching English in Peru, Ecuador and Spain for more than 10 years to a variety of levels and ages and also many years running summer camps in the UK for large groups of Italian teenagers.

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feel inspired, learn something, discover something or just make youself the one “in the know”, while being in spain and learning spanish - in a fully immersive way


In addition to world-famous museums, outstanding Basque gastronomy and vibrant cities, the Atlantic coast is also home to a proud cultural heritage that is always keen to welcome and involve visitors.


Our programmes aim to give students the chance to use their Spanish and mix with local teenagers, while offering a range of activities that take advantage of the stunning natural environment around Castro.


Students have the option of a range of sports and activities including surfing, sailing, horse-riding and team sports with local teenagers.